Update 0.2 Alpha

About the game

Neon Tower Defense is a strategy game, being developed and published by Triquantic. The game still development, is at its best, with an exceptional testing team, analyzing and disclosed the problems encountered.

The game is not far from being released in its final build, we are working to implement new mechanics and features. At the end of the project, we will have one of the few gerero games launched with innovative items.

We are trying to recreate different models for each scenario, where the reuse of assets is very low, making each phase unique and memorable.

New update

Troubleshooting and Adjustments

01 - Navigation with the camera adjusted - Now just position the cursor on the edges of the game to move around the scene, so you will not have to rowing anymore.

02 - Standardized HUD for all phases.

03 - Adjustment in the area of click of the towers - It was increased in 1.5X the area of click to insert new towers.

04 - MP3 player - There was also a correction in the tracks, in which Fade In / Out transitions were inserted.

New Features

01 - Close the windows with ESC - Any window, such as purchase and upgrade, can be hidden when the ESC key is pressed. Note that if you try to move the camera, it will not be possible.

02 - Reset Camera - By pressing the scrool button, the camera returns to the home position.

03 - New vehicle - Added a new vehicle in the second phase. In that same scene, he added barriers on the bridge.

04 - New track - including a new soundtrack.

05 - Main menu - New menu for scene selection, now you can simply click on any active scene to play.

How is being developed

The game is being developed in Unity 3D, but was initially being analyzed the possibility of creating it in GODOT.

All scripts responsible for phase management, tower controls, and enemy spawn were created with the C # language. Currently our team does not need to create any more script, but rather to create new models of phases, vehicles and more importantly, to control the level of difficulty, after all, the resources should be enough to finish the phase without damages.

We are using ScriptableObjects to configure each enemy, including their updates. The towers and each Update is also configured in ScriptableObjects.

At the end of the project, let's make a simple making-of, showing how the game was developed.

We are using various technologies such as Blender, Substance Painter / Designer, Audacity ... among others.


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Mar 03, 2019

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